Theresa Jean Tanenbaum

 I am an Assistant Professor at UC Irvine, in the Department of Informatics.

I completed my PhD at Simon Fraser University in the School of Interactive Arts + Technology. I studied  under the supervision of Alissa Antle, Jim Bizzocchi and Dene Grigar.

My dissertation explored issues of identity transformation in digital narratives and story-based games. I drew on theories of method acting training to investigate how to support the experience of transforming into a character in a digital narrative. I currently  write on embodied game interfaces, tangible storytelling, design fiction, steampunk, game-based-learning, virtual worlds, nonverbal communication, sustainability, and DIY and Maker Culture.

I am passionate about geek culture and media: I love games, comic books, television, and movies. I make art, costumes, and other fun things under the umbrella of Tanenbaum Fabrications, with my wife, Karen Tanenbaum.