Games and Projects

In addition to my research work, I also design games, develop videos of research for art exhibitions, film and edit short movies, and create projects for design and technology competitions.

Games:  A selection of games I have designed, including:

UIST Student Innovation Contest Our submission to the 2009 UIST Student Innovation Contest. We developed an application for a pressure sensitive keyboard that allowed for expressive communication of gestures in World of Warcraft.
Evolving Darwin’s Gaze A series of videos done to illustrate Steve DiPaola’s research on Genetic Programming and painterly processes.
Take Out for Two A short film made in 48 hours for the Port Moody Quick Flick Challenge.
The Collector A short film made in 24 hours for the 2008 Vancouver Film Race
The Geek Game Character Generator A simple quiz based character creation application for a geek culture themed RPG.