Attack on the Zephyr

Attack on the Zephyr!
With Ben Unterman

Our final design project for the class was to make a board game. This was a very open ended assignment and so we decided to pick a time and a place in which to set the game. We wanted to do a train themed game, but decided early on that we didn’t want to do any track laying or train construction (as in the 18xx style of games) and instead chose to cast the players in the role of bandits trying to rob a train. To add some verisimilitude to our setting, we decided to set the game on a historical train, the California Zephyr. We used the original floorplans as the basis for our board design, and drew on as much of the historical material as possible to flesh out our setting. The resultant game is a fast-paced, easy to learn, romp through the cars of the California Zephyr.
Download the complete rules in .pdf format (14mb)
Download the deck of cards and counters needed to play the game in .pdf format (>1mb)
Download large versions of the game-board, suitable for printing(23mb)