Take Out For Two

Takeout for Two was submitted as an entry in the “QFC” is a 48 hour film festival, where your team is given an “inspiration package” containing a character, a location, a line of dialog, a prop, and a CD of music, all of which must be used to create a 5 minute long film over the course of 48 hours. Takeout for Two received first place out of the twelve films submitted.

Our Inspiration package consisted of the following items:
Character – Radio Host/DJ
Location – Dead End or Abandoned Road
Prop – Takeout for Two box, containing a number of fortunes, mini-chopsticks, paper lanterns, and restaurant placemats with zodiac symbols on them.
Line – “The game takes over your life”

From this, we concocted a story about a Talk Radio host who finds himself trapped in an unending loop in time, doomed to relive the same moments over and over again, until he can learn to take his own advice.

Kirsten Johnson – Team Lead, Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Editor, Camera
Josh Tanenbaum – Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Sound, Actor
Karen Tanenbaum – Producer, Grip, Continuity
Michael Filmowicz – Sound
Eddy Walters – Special Effects, Editor, Grip
Brian Quan – Editor, Grip
Navi Bala – Camera
Eduardo Noda – Lead Actor