The Collector

Created in 24 Hours for The Vancouver Film Race 2008 –

Theme: Greed
Surprise Element: Turning on a Faucet

We made this film in the 24 hours between 10pm and 10pm from Friday June 20th to Saturday June 21st.

Our team was composed of six people, 5 graduate students from Simon Fraser Universities School of Interactive Arts & Technology, and one Professor from the School of Education.


Maya – Veronica Zammitto
Doctor – Jack Stockholm
Assistant – Josh Tanenbaum

Producer – Karen Tanenbaum
Director – Karen Tanenbaum & Josh Tanenbaum
Director of Photography – Aaron Levisohn
Camera – Aaron Levisohn & Michelle Nilson
Lighting – Aaron Levisohn
Editing – Josh Tanenbaum
Music & Sound Design – Jack Stockholm
Costuming – Veronica Zammitto
Catering – Michelle Nilson

Story – Aaron “Panopticon” Levisohn
Michelle “Chuck Wagon” Nilson
Jack “Malpractice” Stockholm
Josh “Tesla” Tanenbaum
Karen “Keener” Tanenbaum
Veronica “Grand Mal” Zammitto