Other Sites

The Transformative Play Lab at UCI
The research group I head at UCI Informatics

The Geek Movement Blog
Musings on narrative, games & media, artificial intelligence, and interaction design. I share this blog with Karen Tanenbaum, who writes on adaptive systems, ambient intelligence, and ubiquitous computing.

Tanenbaum Fabrications
Karen and I have launched a design studio, specializing in design fictions, steampunk art, and engaging physical interactions.

The Geek Wiki
The Geek Wiki is workspace for ongoing projects. If you are interested in current works in progress, you can find it here. As an internet whiteboard, the wiki is a proving ground for new ideas and a space where I collaborate with others; it is not polished by any means.

I have been involved in a number of short film competitions over the last year. To view a selection of my film work, visit my profile on YouTube.

For a look at my still photographs, visit my Flickr Page.