Creativity Assistive Tools for Games

Creativity Assistive Tools for Games (CAT Games) (2008 – 2009)
with Jim Bizzocchi, Steve DiPaola, and Ron Wakkary.

CATGames (Creativity Assistive Tools for Games) is a multi-university research network supported by the Canadian Heritage – New Media Research Networks Fund. CATGames research teams are creating innovative, leading-edge technology tools for game production that support Canada ‘s burgeoning interactive games industry by accelerating the creative process, and expanding and enriching content environments and platforms. CATGames is focused on creativity tools that enhance interactive games and entertainment for a wide variety of platforms, including the Internet, consoles, mobile devices, and high definition (HD) home video display. New authoring tools and new processes will better support the creative development of interactive games and digital entertainment. The network is developing tools to increase and diversify Canadian content and storytelling in a variety of game genres and interactive platforms.
My own research with this project is an investigation of the relationship between narrative, play, and embodiment in the new wave of nontraditional interfaces.
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