Futura: The Sustainable Futures Game

Futura (2009 – Present)
With Alissa Antle , Allen Bevans, Karen Tanenbaum, Katie Seaborn , and Sijie Wang.
Futura is a multi-player educational game, on a multi-touch tabletop, designed to teach children basic principles of sustainable development. Futura was developed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers including specialists in education, game development, and sustainable design. I was responsible for the game design portion of the system. An early prototype of Futura was displayed at the Sustainability Pavilion at the Surrey venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics. More information about the Olympic show can be found on the FCAT news site.
For more details about this project, visit the Futura Webpage

Related Publications:

  • Antle, A.N., Bevans, A., Tanenbaum, J., Seaborn K. and Wang, S. (2011) Futura: Design for collaborative learning and game play on a multi-touch digital tabletop. In Proceedings of Conference on Tangibles and Embedded Interaction (TEI’11), ACM Press, Portugal.