Tangible Ubiquitous Narrative Environment (TUNE)

Tangible Ubiquitous Narrative Environment (2008 – Present) (TUNE)
PhD Research Project with Karen Tanenbaum

TUNE is a story, a space, and a game. It investigates questions of interactive narrative, user modeling for informal learning, adaptivity, and tangible and embodied interaction. In TUNE, the participant is invited to assume a role in an interactive story through the exploration of a physical space that has been imbued with narrative possibilities through the use of ubiquitous and ambient computing. As the participant explores the environment, the environment becomes aware of the participant and adapts the experience in response to her interactions and decisions. TUNE uses a combination of tangible devices and tracking technologies to afford a diverse range of natural and transparent interaction possibilities, gathering data about the participant from explicit choices made within the space and from patterns of interaction that emerge over time.
TUNE’s primary valence of narrative adaptation is rooted in the notion of genre; a number of possible stories co-exist within the space, each in a distinct narrative style. The different stories told are tied together by the shared artifacts present in the space. While some artifacts may be strongly associated with one specific story, others have the possibility for a multitude of meanings spread throughout the different genres. As the participant explores the environment, the genre of the story she uncovers changes in response to her actions.